Basement Tiles

Here are some of the top benefits to choosing ceramic tile, or porcelain tile, as one of your flooring options for a basement.

Easy Installation:

Ceramic tile floors are one of the easiest types of flooring to install in the home, and they work especially well in basements since they install readily over a concrete slab (House Logic). You can install ceramic tiles on your own if you’re comfortable doing so, but you can easily hire a contractor to help you out for a reasonable price.

Longevity and Durability:

Another benefit of ceramic tile is that it offers durable flooring for basements. Especially if they are installed properly and well-maintained, once you lay down your ceramic tile in the basement, you’ll likely never have to replace it.

Many Design Options:

Ceramic tile comes in so many different varieties, colors, and sizes. You can even opt to order custom ceramic tiles if you want a truly unique floor for your basement. As far as flooring options go, ceramic and porcelain tile is one of the most versatile choices out there.


Ceramic tile is an excellent option for basement flooring, specifically, since it does so well in contact with water. Ceramic tile easily dries out and will remain “undamaged in the event of flooding” You’ll never have to worry about rot or mold and mildew with a ceramic tile floor in the basement.

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